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  • Sebring Social Security attorneys at Kaylor, Kaylor and Leto discuss the rules for determining disability

    Tampa Social Security disability attorneysThe SSA’s rules for deciding if you are disabled or not mostly apply to disabilities that make it difficult for you to sit, stand, walk, bend, or work with your hands—in other words, your ability to move around and do things. If you say you are disabled because of a mental disability, that is more difficult to prove under the SSA regulations.

    If you can’t perform certain kinds of manual labor because of a back problem or heart condition or breathing problem, for example, one of the Sebring Social Security attorneys at Kaylor, Kaylor and Leto can look at the SSA rules and regulations and figure out what they can argue to win your case.

    As you can see, your Sebring Social Security attorneys will not only show what work you cannot do, but will also show what work you can do.  In many cases, the judges will not accept just your word saying “I can’t do anything” to determine that you are disabled.  You need attorneys who are familiar with the system to help you prove your case to the judge.  If SSA denied your initial application and you would like to appeal this decision, please contact the Law Offices of Kaylor, Kaylor and Leto for an initial consultation with one of our Sebring Social Security attorneys.  Our motto is that “We offer personal service, and personal care.” We will use our legal knowledge and experience in Social Security disability law to get you the benefits you justly deserve.