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  • The Lakeland Social Security attorneys of Kaylor, Kaylor and Leto want you to know that the Social Security Administration is a large bureaucracy

    Tampa Social Security disability attorneysA basic problem in dealing with the Social Security Administration (SSA) is its large size. The SSA has over 57,000 employees, with several separate offices for review and other work, as well as over a thousand Administrative Law Judges and appeals judges. This doesn’t include the thousands of state agency employees that make the initial decisions.

    So it can be hard, without the experienced attorneys at Kaylor, Kaylor and Leto, to figure out whom you are supposed to contact about a question or what to do if there is a problem with your claim. If you try to figure out the issue yourself, you will easily be overwhelmed.

    At Kaylor, Kaylor and Leto, we try to send all our documents by certified mail so that we can see who sent them, who received them and when, and keep excellent records for our clients.

    One recent study showed that for people calling the SSA’s nationwide toll-free information phone number, the SSA employees who answered got 25% of questions wrong. It might be a good number to call for questions about Social Security retirement, but if you have questions about your disability claim, you will probably get wrong information. That’s where we come in.

    Did you apply for your Social Security benefits recently? Did SSA deny your initial application and say that you do not qualify for SSI or Social Security disability insurance? If so, you should contact the Lakeland Social Security attorneys at the Law Offices of Kaylor, Kaylor and Leto for an initial consultation.  Our motto is that “We offer personal service, and personal care.” We will use our legal expertise in Social Security disability law to get you the benefits you justly deserve.