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Personal Injury Attorneys in Florida Provide Effective Legal Services to Victims of ATV Accidents in the Lakeland Area

Helping our clients in Wauchula, Bartow, Haines City and Lake Wales recover the proper, deserved compensation

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are very popular recreational vehicles in Florida, especially on the beaches and in the Everglades, since they offer riders the freedom to drive without the fear of too much traffic. However, just because there are plenty of places in Florida to ride ATVs doesn’t mean you are safe from being involved in an accident. Dangerous trails and defective ATV parts contribute to the countless accidents riders throughout the state fall victim to every year. At Kaylor, Kaylor & Leto, P.A., our attorneys represent those who have been injured in an ATV accident due to someone else’s negligence.

Types of injuries associated with ATV accidents

Due to the overall lack of protection that an ATV provides, the risk of serious injury caused by an accident is always very high. The most common types of injuries we see riders sustain due to ATV accidents include:

  • Head traumas
  • Serious brain injuries
  • Neck and spine injuries
  • Spinal cord traumas
  • Broken bones
  • Deep tissue injuries
  • Serious lacerations
  • Organ damage

Types of ATV accidents

Unlike cars, trucks and motorcycles, ATVs don’t tend to collide with each other. The risk of a serious accident, however, is still present. Most ATV accidents usually involve:

  • Rollovers — This occurs when an ATV traveling at a high rate of speed makes a sudden turn and rolls over multiple times. While driver error may cause this, it’s also possible that faulty brakes or a faulty steering mechanism cause the vehicle to go out of control.
  • Crash landings — ATV riders are often trained to make jumps off a ramp or another obstacle. However, these ramps sometimes carry unnecessary dangers that the operator of a property or commercial course fails to warn a rider about. These jumps then become even more dangerous and can cause unnecessary injuries to a rider.
  • Collisions — While it’s rare for an ATV to collide with another ATV, it can happen. An ATV can also collide with a negligent motorcycle, car or truck driver as well. ATVs offer little protection for their drivers, and even non-serious accidents can lead to debilitating spinal injuries.

Causes of ATV accidents

There are multiple causes behind ATV accidents, and most of them can be blamed on the vehicle itself or the track on which it is traveling. These causes include:

  • Defective parts — Faulty brakes, defective tires and an unresponsive steering system are just some of the reasons that ATVs suffer a mechanical failure and then crash. These parts are the responsibility of the manufacturer, and if a defect is present, our ATV accident attorneys are ready to hold the company responsible for paying any compensation owed you for your injuries.
  • Poor design — Some ATVs are just designed poorly, making them more prone to mechanical failure and accidents. Whether the material from which the ATV is constructed is too light or the vehicle’s engine system cuts out without warning, some designs are just inherently dangerous. This is different than one part being defective, and it usually means that the ATV itself is flawed from a schematic standpoint. It is the responsibility of the ATV manufacturer to get this right.
  • Dangerous tracks — ATV tracks may seem inherently dangerous, but the proper precautions should be taken to decrease the likelihood of an accident. If the track or road you have been injured on has not been properly maintained, the property owner could be at fault.

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