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Employment discrimination based on appearance should not happen

Every human being is unique in very many ways. With the exception of identical twins, no two people look exactly alike, and they differ in appearance from everything to height, weight, hair color and gender. Employment discrimination prohibits discrimination on the basis of issues such as gender, race, religion or age. There is another issue that is finding its way into the realm of workplace discrimination in Florida. That issue has to do with hair, not necessarily the color but the natural appearance of someone's hair.

The term "ok, boomer" may contribute to employment discrimination

The generation known as the baby boomer generation is working longer into their later years than prior generations who typically retired around the accepted age of 65. Millennials have coined a term that is sometimes used when one disagrees with something an older person says or to dismiss an argument being presented by an older person. The term is "Ok, boomer." In some instances, it's being looked at as possible age discrimination, which is a form of employment discrimination in Florida.

No to FMLA request results in employment discrimination lawsuit

Achieving a balance between work life and family responsibilities has long been a challenge for people in Florida and around the country. When a child or family member is injured or ill, it typically falls to the female member of the household to care for that family member. The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) was passed into law to protect men and women who need to take leave from their jobs to care for an ailing family member. A woman in Florida has brought a gender-based employment discrimination claim against her employer, the Polk County Sheriff's Department.

Employment discrimination is an ongoing problem

Having a job provides a person with a means of supporting him or herself as well as a feeling of accomplishment, and it usually contributes to one's perception of value to society. Experiencing employment discrimination in any form in Florida may do untold damage to a person's self-esteem. There are laws that protect a person from discrimination in the workplace.

How does the ADA protect you when you have HIV or AIDS?

As someone who is employed in Florida and has either HIV or AIDS, you may have questions about your privacy and other rights as they relate to your condition and profession. The Americans with Disabilities Act is what outlines your privacy and other rights in the workplace as an American living with HIV or AIDS, so the more you understand about how it protects you, the more likely you will be to identify any instances of discrimination or harassment.

Are you facing discrimination due to your sex?

Florida residents like you expect to be treated fairly as an employee at your place of work. But what happens if that isn't the case? We at Kaylor, Kaylor & Leto are here today to discuss what discrimination might look like at your workplace and what you can do about it.

EEOC sues Florida construction company for gender discrimination

Federal employment discrimination laws are meant to protect vulnerable groups from discriminatory hiring and employment practices, including women in fields that are traditionally dominated by men. It is to be hoped that qualified people of all genders in Florida receive the same considerations when applying for jobs that have, in the past, been restricted mainly to men or to women. A recent lawsuit filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission highlights the continued opposition that women may encounter in male-dominated industries.

How do I recognize racial discrimination?

Many people in Florida and elsewhere live in a racially contentious environment. We should be past such issues, but we are unfortunately not there yet. Being targeted by negative racial comments and actions can be threatening in any setting, including the workplace. Fortunately, employment laws protect you and others from racial discrimination.

What constitutes religious discrimination?

Whether you adhere to a strict set of religious beliefs, if you consider yourself spiritual but not religious or if you do not believe in any higher power, your beliefs are important to you. It can feel like an emotional and intellectual attack if other people infringe on your beliefs. Some Florida residents experience significant emotional trauma or financial hardship if their religious beliefs are discriminated against at work or while applying for jobs.

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