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More construction projects means need for workers' compensation

The economy in Florida and around the country is doing well, and this has led to an increase in construction projects. As the number of properties under construction have increased so has the number of construction related accidents, some of which have been fatal. Fortunately, workers' compensation insurance is available to help those injured or the families of those who died on the job.

Workers' compensation insurance should be there for survivors

People on the job in Florida have the right to expect a reasonably safe work environment. When employees face the potential of exposure to toxic substances, safety procedures should be known and proper training on these procedures should be mandated for employees who may come into contact with possibly dangerous substances. A person who becomes sick through exposure may have grounds for a workers' compensation claim.

Workers' compensation cannot atone for loss of a loved one

Working in the construction industry in Florida and elsewhere is inherently risky. These risks can be exacerbated by weather conditions. This may have been the case in an accident that took the life of a man who had been  working on a roof. That loss has caused his fiancée to be celebrating her first holiday season without him. Workers' compensation insurance exists to help in situations like this.

Bowling can result in a workers' compensation claim

Workplace injuries happen and are often attributable to unfortunate incidents that occur in one's place of work while a person is engaged in the performance of his or her work duties. Workers' compensation insurance exists to help cover medical expenses and lost wages that may result from such an injury. A recent case in Tallahassee, Florida, deals with what happens when such an injury occurs during a workplace-sponsored outing.

Workers' compensation can assist families of injured workers

It is no secret that traffic congestion in Orlando is a serious issue. A major highway project on Florida I-4 has been underway for the past few years. Working on such a project, indeed any construction project, is not without risk. It is hoped that adequate safety measures are in place and enforced to protect the workers on the job. When an accident happens, workers' compensation can provide assistance to the affected family.

Moving patients a common cause of injury in health care

When you work in a health care setting in Florida, you face numerous work-related hazards, and many of them can lead you to develop serious, and in some cases, lifelong, aches, pains and ailments. At Kaylor, Kaylor & Leto, P.A., we recognize that one of the most significant injury risks you face working in health care comes from transporting heavy patients. We have helped many nurses and other health care professionals who suffered injuries on the job pursue appropriate recourse to help them move forward.

What should I be careful of when working in an office?

A great deal of attention is focused on dangerous industries when the topic of workers’ compensation comes up. You can be hit by a cement truck in construction or crushed by heavy machinery working in manufacturing. However, industries known to be dangerous are not the only ones in which Florida workers are injured. You can sustain a job-related illness or injury in any workplace setting.

Heat-related illnesses a pressing problem for delivery drivers

When people agree to work for a company in Florida, they face a unique set of risks depending on the industry they are working in, the types of day-to-day tasks they are in charge of completing and whether or not they adhere to the safety measures put in place for their protection. Delivery drivers who take packages to people and businesses are required to work regardless of whether it is pouring rain or the temperatures are soaring in the 90s and above. 

Can you get a second opinion in your workers' comp case?

When you sustain an injury on the job, you expect your Florida employer to compensate you for said injury. However, before workers' compensation kicks in, you must undergo a medical exam performed by an employer-approved physician. That physician must confirm two things: 1) that you sustained an injury and 2) that you sustained said injury on the job. If the physician reports findings that say any differently, you will not qualify for workers' comp. You may wonder if you can combat adverse findings with a second opinion. The Legal Examiner explains that you can, but doing so will not be easy. 

Know your toxic exposure procedures

Most workplaces have some types of chemicals or substances that can be toxic and dangerous, regardless of industry. At the law office of Kaylor, Kaylor & Leto, P.A., we know that you do not have to work in a chemical engineering plant to face chemical hazards on the job. Even the cleaning supplies in your office broom closet can harm you if you are not prepared on how to handle them or your workplace lacks information on proper use and first aid procedures.

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