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Mild brain injuries can cause long-term damage

Many people may have been involved in a situation where they received a slight jolt to the head while on-the-job, whether by being involved in slip-and-fall accident or by having an object fall on their head. Although some of these incidents may seem minor, even small matters involving a hit to the head can result in traumatic brain injuries. Mild cases of TBI may go undetected, as the symptoms often involve headaches, nausea and vomiting, dizziness, muscle weakness and fatigue, which can often be signs of other common conditions, such as the flu. Yet, studies show that even mild brain injuries can cause long-term damage if left untreated and could make it difficult for people to work in the type of position they once did.

The link between firefighting and cancer

When you think about the dangers associated with your Florida firefighting career, you may concern yourself primarily with the immediate risks that come with making your way into burning buildings to help the people inside. Unfortunately, though, many of the health risks you face as a firefighter can affect you slowly, over time, and cancer, in particular, is one such concern. At Kaylor, Kaylor & Leto, P.A, we understand that firefighters face heightened risks of developing many forms of cancer, and we have helped many people who suffered work-related injuries or illnesses seek recourse in the aftermath.

Former teacher told by court to file workers' comp claim

People in Lakeland may be justified in their expectation of having access to workers' compensation benefits should they experience a work-related illness or injury. After all, the law requires nearly all employers to provide some form of benefit to assist in these situations. Yet employees should also understand that they play a vital role in the workers' compensation claim process beyond simply mandating the benefit; they need to learn the proper procedures to file a claim so that their employers' insurance provider can either cover or reimburse them for their medical expenses. 

Three types of workers' compensation benefits

People in Florida who are employed in most sectors and lines of work may be covered by a special type of insurance that provides assistance to them or their families after an injury or illness if the injury or illness is related to their employment. This is called workers' compensation. There are three types of benefits that workers' compensation may provide to someone depending on the situation.

A safe workplace is everyone's responsibility

Occupational safety may seem like an issue that only affects industries such as manufacturing and construction, but every Florida resident deserves a safe work environment. Dangerous working conditions may lead to injuries, lawsuits and financial issues that affect both businesses and their employees. People at every corporate level may make valuable contributions to improve the safety of their working environment.  

What is a Stop-Work Order?

If you work for or are an employer in Florida, you may hear about something called a Stop-Work Order. This is related to workers' compensation and is a serious situation. If your employer gets such an order, you need to know. As an employer, if you get this order, you need to act fast.

An overview of workers' compensation wage benefits

If you are employed in Florida, you may well work for a company that is required to carry workers' compensation insurance. This is a special form of insurance designed to assist employees who have been injured in an accident at work or during the course of performing their jobs. One of the types of benefits provided by workers' compensation is the replacement of wages that you may earn if you cannot work because of your injury. 

Age discrimination affects young people too

At Kaylor, Kaylor & Leto, P.A., we understand that age discrimination cases in Florida usually focus on workers over 50. However, the truth is that the younger workforce faces discrimination, too. Many college graduates can share stories of applying for work after school and being met with job descriptions demanding 15 years of experience. Some also share stories of being hired, but then being denied promotions because management did not think an older workforce would respect them as a leader.

When is industrial equipment no longer safe?

One of the keys to maintaining a safe industrial workplace in Florida is keeping the equipment used on the job in good condition. However, machinery does not last forever, and when the time arrives, your company should replace the equipment with a new and safe model. Since malfunctioning equipment can seriously injure a worker or possibly cause death, it is crucial to recognize when the machinery at your workplace may be breaking down.

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