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Lakeland Social Security Attorneys Help You With SSDI Appeals

If you have applied for Social Security disability benefits and been denied, then you need the assistance of Lakeland Social Security attorneys like the practitioners at Kaylor, Kaylor and Leto, PA. Appealing a denial requires time, effort and in-depth legal knowledge, and it can be enormously complicated for you to attempt an appeal on your own. To enhance your chances of getting the Social Security disability assistance you deserve contact Lakeland Social Security disability lawyers today.

Should You Appeal an SSDI Denial?

You may be feeling disheartened since the denial of your Social Security disability claim. While it may seem easier to just drop the effort you may have a very good chance of obtaining benefits upon appeal. The reality is that the Social Security Administration denies the vast majority of initial claims for benefits. This happens for a number of reasons. Perhaps the person reviewing your application didn’t have access to all of the necessary medical records and therefore didn’t understand the extent of your disability. On the other hand, perhaps the administrator simply made an error. These and many other possibilities may have led to your claim being denied.

Work with Lakeland Social Security Disability Lawyers to Improve Your Odds

The good news is that you do have the right to appeal this decision, which means that you may still receive the disability benefits to which you are entitled. However, it’s important to realize that the appeal process is neither quick nor easy. Appealing requires a great deal of time and effort, and although it is possible to do it yourself you are much more likely to be successful if you work with an attorney. Lakeland Social Security disability lawyers can review your application and all other pertinent documents. Their experience with Social Security claims makes them singularly well qualified to help you determine whether or not it is worth it for you to pursue an appeal. Their assistance will certainly make the appeals process more efficient. However, it’s important to realize that no attorney can guarantee a certain outcome for your appeal.

How Your Attorney Helps You Decide

Your Lakeland Social Security attorneys will help you decide if you should proceed with an appeal. They’ll ask you questions about your health and your ability to assist with your case. Although your attorney will do much of the hard work on your appeal, it’s still important that you feel up to the task of helping to further your own case. Further, your attorney will give you a better idea of how much time your appeal is likely to take. This means you’ll have to decide whether or not you’re willing to give up a significant amount of your time in pursuit of Social Security benefits. Your attorney will also ask you about your current physical condition in an effort to determine if you could reasonably seek employment. If your condition has improved since your initial disability application, then an appeal is unlikely to be successful. In helping you to decide about appealing your attorney will perform a thorough review of the paperwork that denied your claim. These papers should explicitly state the reason for denial. If the reason was valid, there is less chance that an appeal will work. However, if an error was made, then you may have a very good case for an appeal.

Lakeland Social Security Attorneys Decode Your Notice of Denial

The Social Security Administration probably sent you a notice of denial or similar document. This document should detail what records were considered in the decision and why a denial was issued. If you would like to be able to review all of these documents, it is within your rights to do so. You may make a request to the Administration. Alternatively, your attorney may make the request. It’s important to review the entire file in detail. A simple error relating to your age, medical condition, educational background or the severity of your impairment may have been used as a basis for the denial. An error like this, once corrected, can make the difference between getting the benefits you deserve and getting denied once again. You and your Lakeland Social Security disability lawyers will also look at what medical records were used to deny your claim. Missing documents may indicate that the Administration did not have all of the necessary information to approve your claim. If you can produce additional medical records, this may improve your chances of being approved.

Factors That May Affect the Success of Your Appeal

Before you file an appeal, it’s important to consider how severe your impairments are. For instance, if your impairment is likely to improve in less than a year’s time, you are unlikely to be approved for aid. This means that the time and effort involved in appealing a denial is probably better spent elsewhere. Your age is another important factor. The older you are the more likely you are to be successful with an appeal. People older than 55 are more likely to qualify for benefits. However, the Social Security Administration looks at your age in conjunction with other factors. As an example, you may be approved for benefits at a very young age if your disability is sufficiently severe. Even your educational background and work experience can play a role in whether or not your appeal will be successful. In general, you may be denied benefits if you are well educated and have a great deal of specific career experience. If your education and experience have prepared you for sedentary work, your appeal is less likely to succeed. However, should your impairment make it difficult for you to do sedentary work, then you may be approved regardless of your educational and professional background.

Contact Lakeland Social Security Attorneys

If your SSDI claim has been denied, then you need to contact the Lakeland Social Security attorneys at Kaylor, Kaylor and Leto, PA at 863-968-7837 to help you decide if you should pursue an appeal.