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Workers' compensation FAQs answered

Taking a glance at the Florida workers' compensation regulations and processes might make it seem like the state is attempting to add insult to your injury. At Kaylor, Kaylor & Leto, P.A., we find that the last thing our clients usually want to do is take a crash course in the rules and requirements for filing a compensation claim or dealing with an uncooperative employer. 

We have a brief review of the process on our main legal website, in the section for workplace injury claims. Expanding on that resource, here are some of our most frequently discussed topics.

Whole Foods sued by ex-employee for pregnancy discrimination

Time and time again employers are being called out for failing to prevent unfair treatment of expectant and new mothers and this month is no exception.

One Tallahassee mother recently filed a lawsuit alleging that her ex-employer did just that.

Microsoft found only 1of 118 sex discrimination complaints valid

Does Microsoft Corp. discriminate against women? A group of female employees filed a federal lawsuit in 2015 claiming that Microsoft policies or procedures systematically deny women pay raises and promotions. They are hoping a judge will certify the lawsuit as a class action, allowing them to represent over 8,000 women who may have been adversely affected.

The suit hasn't been certified a class action yet. It's still in a stage called "discovery," when the parties seek out evidence from their opponents and third parties using subpoenas, depositions and other methods. Discovery can be a challenging part of a lawsuit, with one party or the other sometimes arguing that the process goes too far.

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