What do you do when you receive a disability termination notice?

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Getting a notice from the Social Security Administration about the termination of your disability benefits is stressful and confusing. When you depend on those benefits, a termination can cause financial hardship.

However, there are steps you can take to respond appropriately to try to keep your benefits.

Request a copy of your file

The first thing to do upon receiving a termination notice is to request a copy of your disability file from the Social Security Administration. This will allow you to review the information they are basing the decision on. Make sure to request the file within a few days of receiving the notice so you have time to review it.

File an appeal

You have 60 days from the date you receive the termination notice to file an appeal. An appeal provides an opportunity to present new evidence and explain why they should not terminate your benefits or why you should still be eligible. This could make the difference in your case determination, potentially allowing you to retain your future benefits.

Collect updated medical records

Work with your doctor to get updated medical records that show your condition has not improved. New test results, treatment notes and letters from your doctor can demonstrate you still meet the criteria for disability benefits.

Getting a termination notice can be alarming but taking proactive steps like requesting your file, filing an appeal and collecting medical records will give you the best chance of keeping your benefits. Staying organized and acting quickly is key to navigating the appeals process successfully.

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