Finding healthy and effective ways to cope with discrimination

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Employment is a central part of the lives of many people in Florida who rely on their talents, competencies and strengths to earn a wage and make a living. As such, it is expected that the workplace be a safe and productive environment, conducive to creativity, efficiency and progress. However, many people face discrimination whether it is related to their upbringing, race, religion and even political affiliation. 

Companies where employees do not feel safe and are the victims of discrimination may be at increased risk of lawsuits if the victims come forward with proven allegations. While many organizations go to extensive lengths to protect their employees, it is critical that people understand what they should do if they are discriminated against so they can put a stop to negative harassment before it creates a danger. According to Chron, one of the most effective ways for people to cope with discrimination is to report all harassing behavior as soon as it happens. Documenting one’s strife is an excellent way to maintain proof that unwanted harassment is taking place. Failure to report the behavior right away may make it exponentially harder for the victim to prove his or her case and get compensation. 

The American Psychological Association suggests some other things people can do to cope with discrimination such as relying on the support of their family and friends, seeking professional help and focusing on their strengths to counteract the negativity they may be experiencing. People who suffer from discrimination in the workplace may also benefit from working with their company’s human resources department to disclose problems without compromising their safety. 

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