What should you do if you get injured at work?

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Regulations require Florida employers to be serious about keeping the workplace safe and informing you and your colleagues what to do if a mishap occurs while you are working. While no one wants to get hurt on the job, the fact is sometimes accidents happen. When they do, it is important for you to know what to do.  

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration can help. First and foremost, OSHA says to report the incident. Do not wait a day or two, or let a week go by before you say anything. Tell your supervisor about it right away, and be honest with the details.

If you are seriously hurt, of course, you should also get medical help immediately. The sooner you receive treatment for an injury, the quicker medical staff can determine the extent of it.

According to OSHA, some other things to remember when reporting the incident include reasons it is so important to notify your supervisor immediately, before you go home for the day. If an injured worker leaves the jobsite and then comes back the next day and tries to inform someone about the injury, managers might be suspicious the wound did not actually come from an incident in the workplace.

Also, OSHA says to be sure you use ink to fill in the official report form. Describe how the injury happened and what you were doing when it did. Let your supervisor and medical responders know what pain you are feeling and how badly it hurts. If others witnessed the accident, include their names on the report.

This information only intends to provide educational insight into workers’ compensation and does not offer legal advice. 


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