Did working at a computer cause your repetitive strain injury?

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When you spend the majority of your day sitting at a computer, you may not worry too much about on-the-job hazards, but in reality, many Florida office workers develop injuries after performing repetitive tasks over a prolonged period. In fact, the more time office workers spend sending emails, working on spreadsheets and otherwise using their computers, the higher their chances of developing computer-related repetitive strain injuries, which, in particularly serious instances, can result in permanent disability.

Per the Modern Language Association, many people who spend long lengths of time working on computers are developing neuromuscular disorders that impact various parts of their upper bodies. Soreness and numbness in your neck, back, shoulders, wrists and other upper body parts may be the result of a repetitive strain injury, and you may also experience tingling, burning or weakness in certain areas.

As is the case with many medical ailments and disorders, your chances of making a full recovery improve considerably when you identify and properly treat a repetitive strain injury early on. However, some people who suffer from computer-related repetitive strain injuries go without treatment, which can, in some instances, lead to lifelong physical hardship.

So, what can you do to reduce your risk of developing a computer-related repetitive strain injury? Many companies are now making efforts to improve workstation ergonomics in an effort to better protect their workers. You can ask your employer to do the same if you have concerns about your own workstation, and you can also make efforts to improve your posture when sitting to lessen your risk of developing a repetitive strain injury.

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