What are 3 ways you can lose Social Security disability benefits?

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There is a lot of misinformation about Social Security disability benefits. One common misconception about them is that, once you start receiving Social Security Disability Insurance, you will continue to do so forever. This is not true, though; several different circumstances can lead to you lose your benefits eligibility.

Just what types of factors can impact your ability to continue receiving disability assistance from the U.S. Social Security Administration? If the administration approves you for disability benefits, know that any of the following circumstances could potentially impact your continued eligibility.

1. Returning to work

If you stopped working because of a serious disability but your condition has improved at least to some extent, you may want to try your hand at returning to the workforce. You may do so on a trial basis at first. During a “Trial Work Period,” you can typically retain access to your disability benefits. Once the Trial Work Period ends, you may still receive benefits for another 36 months during months where you do not receive a substantial income.

2. Reaching retirement age

You cannot receive SSDI benefits and retirement benefits simultaneously. Once you reach your full retirement age, you will typically start to get retirement benefits, rather than disability benefits. In most cases, the money you receive monthly in retirement benefits will be about the same amount you received when you received assistance on account of your disability.

3. Having your condition improve

Because disability benefits are available only to those with the most serious disabilities, having your condition improve can potentially make you ineligible for continued SSDI benefits. Anyone approved for SSDI benefits needs to undergo periodic reviews to ensure eligibility. Any changes in condition can impact your ability to receive future benefits.

While these are some of the most common reasons individuals lose access to SSDI benefits, please note that there are other circumstances that can potentially impact eligibility.

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