How does pregnancy discrimination manifest?

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In the workplace, pregnant workers have protection from discrimination. Unfortunately, many pregnant workers face different, more subtle forms of discrimination every day.

The best way to protect yourself as a pregnant worker is to understand what forms this discrimination comes in. That way, if you notice suspicious signs, you can act quickly.

Ostracization from the work environment

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission discusses the ways in which pregnancy discrimination manifests. As mentioned, it often takes a more subtle form. For example, you may begin to see your schedule grow less full over time. You might end up left out of workplace meetings. This is often disguised as concern for overtaxing you in your physical state.

But then, it can grow to encompass outside activities off the clock. You may find yourself without invites to bonding dinners and parties. You may get the excuse that there is alcohol and they do not want to make you uncomfortable. In reality, it is often an attempt to ice you out of the environment. In other words, they want to make you feel distanced so you may even end up quitting on your own.

Lack of promotions and raises

Keep an eye out for talks about promotions, too. Were you lined up for one and suddenly talks stopped happening? Or have you asked about one before and heard you must wait, while other coworkers in a similar position get raises and promotions?

If you notice these signs aligning, you might be dealing with pregnancy discrimination. Consider talking to a legal professional to learn more about the options you have.


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