How do you know if you have a rotator cuff injury?

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One of the most common injuries you could sustain at work is the rotator cuff injury. According to Mayo Clinic, rotator cuff injuries may occur because of a single incident or repetitive overhead activity.

If you have an occupation where you have to lift heavy items over your head throughout the day, you could suffer a rotator cuff injury.

What are the symptoms of a rotator cuff injury?

In some cases, you may suspect an injury right away if you experience any sharp pain while at work; you could have injured yourself and should check it as soon as possible. Those who have rotator cuff injuries may not realize it right away, however.

Instead, you may return home and feel a deep or dull ache in your shoulder. This pain can make it difficult for you to reach behind your back, comb your hair, or lift your arm. These injuries are also associated with arm weakness. If you find it difficult to sleep because of the pain, see a doctor immediately.

What increases your risk of a rotator cuff injury?

Some people may be more prone to rotator cuff injuries than others. First, your age can directly contribute to how vulnerable you are to damage. Those aged 60 and older are more likely to tear their rotator cuff. Likewise, those who work in construction or house painting tend to injure their rotator cuff. This is because they have to lift their arms over their head for prolonged periods.

If you suspect a rotator cuff injury, delaying treatment could lead to permanent loss of motion in your shoulder or arm.

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