Can discrimination affect your bottom line?

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Though discrimination can happen anywhere for little to no reason, it is entirely possible to cut down on the possibility through how you manage your company culture. For example, strongly enforcing your expectations and prioritizing training has a provable effect on the reduction of discrimination.

Unfortunately, if workplace discrimination begins to occur, it can negatively hurt the rapport of the company, the morale of your employees, and the confidence of victims. This can all equate to a company that suffers financially.

Reduction in productivity

Tech Funnel discusses the impact of discrimination on businesses. First, you will surely see reduced productivity in an environment ripe with harassment or discrimination. This is because the general atmosphere of a company has a strong impact on the workers, even if they do not consciously notice it. An environment full of discrimination will often create tension, anxiety and animosity that makes it hard to continue work.

On top of that, workers can end up distracted from important tasks due to rumors of discrimination or how the upper management seems to handle it. Workers are also more likely to take time off in this environment, especially when feeling unsafe or unstable.

Loss of talent

A company that suffers from many discrimination problems will also fail to flourish and grow like a workplace with a diverse and healthy workforce. Loss of talent is one of the biggest side effects of discrimination.

On top of that, it is possible to face legal repercussions for certain forms of discrimination, such as discrimination against protected categories like ethnicity, age or gender. It is just one more painful effect of not nipping discrimination in the bud.

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