What do you need to report a work injury?

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A work injury may sideline you for days or weeks. Filing for workers’ compensation may help alleviate the pain of the damage and lost pay.

When dealing with a work-related illness or injury, reporting the condition gets your claim rolling. Absent this, you may not get the financial assistance to get through recovery. Find out what it takes to report your work injury so you can start the process.

The time to report the injury

You should report a work injury when it happens. Under Florida law, you have 30 days to report an injury. In the case of a repetitive use injury, a date of accident does not apply. Instead, the 30-day timeframe begins when the doctor connects your condition with the mechanics of your job.

The documentation you need to file a report

Filing an official workers’ compensation claim requires a doctor’s diagnosis. This document sets out the specifics of your injury, the cause of the damage and a treatment plan for moving forward. You may continue to attend your chosen physician and do not have to go to one recommended by the workers’ compensation insurer.

The benefits you may receive

If someone witnessed the work accident, you may start to receive some benefits soon after filing the report. Usually, the insurer may pay the medical provider directly for treatment under the plan, even if an investigation is ongoing. If the insurer accepts the claim, you may also receive some measure of disability benefits to help offset lost wages.

Workers’ compensation insurers also work under timelines to dispense benefits. The more proactive you are with reporting, the sooner you may get relief.

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