Can you still work while receiving SSDI?

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As a recipient of Social Security Disability Insurance, you might find yourself wanting or needing to work. Perhaps your medical condition has improved or maybe you would like to supplement your income. The question arises: Can you work while receiving SSDI?

The Social Security Administration has provisions in place to support individuals who wish to work while receiving disability benefits. While there are limitations, there is room for you to earn income and still maintain your benefits.

Understanding the rules of work and SSDI

While you can work while receiving SSDI, there are rules you need to follow. The SSA allows you to earn a certain amount each month without affecting your benefits. This is the Substantial Gainful Activity limit. In 2023, the SGA limit for non-blind individuals was $1,470 per month and for blind individuals, it was $2,460 per month.

Taking advantage of work incentives

The SSA offers work incentives aimed at helping you transition back to work while continuing to receive benefits. These incentives include a trial work period, during which you can work for nine months in a 60-month period without losing your benefits, no matter how much you earn. After this trial work period, there is an extended period of eligibility, a 36-month stretch during which you can still receive benefits for any month where your earnings do not exceed the SGA limit.

Understanding the impact on your benefits

Working while on SSDI can have implications for your benefits. If your earnings are consistently above the SGA limit, the SSA may consider that you are no longer disabled. Promptly report any changes in your work activity to the SSA to avoid potential overpayments and penalties.

It is possible to work while receiving SSDI benefits and there are supports in place to help you do so. By keeping abreast of your earning limits and reporting your work activity, you can successfully balance work and SSDI.

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