Are you facing discrimination due to your sex?

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Florida residents like you expect to be treated fairly as an employee at your place of work. But what happens if that isn’t the case? We at Kaylor, Kaylor & Leto are here today to discuss what discrimination might look like at your workplace and what you can do about it.

Discrimination based on sex is unfortunately still an issue that many people face in the modern workplace. It can come in many different forms. For example, there is still a wage gap between men and women who have the same skills, same experience, and hold the same job titles. This has been a trending topic of discussion as of late, with many women breaking the unspoken rule to not ask other employees what their salary or pay rate is in order to determine whether or not they are being underpaid.

Additionally, many women in the workplace find themselves being held back from promotions or kept from raises that they rightfully deserve. They may be passed over for a position they are qualified for in which the only difference between them and a competitor is their sex. Women are also often denied paid vacation or time off, and those who do receive their share might be made to feel guilty about taking it.

If you are being discriminated against due to your sex, or for any other reason, you don’t have to grin and bear it. There are laws in place that protect workers like you from discriminatory action. If you believe that you have faced any sort of employment discrimination, consider taking a look at our web page on fighting back against discrimination to learn more about seeking compensation in the aftermath.

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