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Were You Discriminated Against At Work In Florida?

Having a bad boss doesn’t necessarily add up to workplace discrimination. Most people are considered “at-will” employees. That means that they can be hired, fired or demoted whenever an employer wants — as long as that employer isn’t basing his or her decisions on gender, race, religion or another protected class.

Unfortunately, not every employer follows the federal and Florida laws that protect people from unfair workplace discrimination. If you believe that an employer has discriminated against you, protect your legal rights by discussing the situation with a lawyer at Kaylor, Kaylor & Leto, P.A., in Lakeland. We understand how difficult this is and will work hard to help you through it. You can rely on our attorney’s extensive experience.

What Is A Protected Class?

In general, you are protected from hiring and employment discrimination based on your race, religion, sex, age (if you’re over 40), nationality, pregnancy status or disability. It’s also illegal for your employer to fire you or otherwise retaliate against you for filing a complaint based on discrimination with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

What Does Workplace Discrimination Look Like?

Suddenly and unfairly firing you isn’t the only way an employer can discriminate against you. Some common examples of discrimination include:

  • Refusing to allow reasonable accommodations for an employee’s religious beliefs, even though it does not have any negative consequences for the employer
  • Paying men and women different salaries for the same position, even though they’re equally qualified, have equal responsibilities and equal time on the job
  • Withholding opportunities for advancement or perks from certain employees based on their race or national origin
  • Not making reasonable accommodations for an employee’s disability or pregnancy
  • Finding excuses to get rid of older employees and replace them with younger ones
  • Having a hiring policy that screens out minority applicants
  • Routinely giving minority employees lower performance reviews than nonminorities

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