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Florida Workers’ Compensation Rules Are Complex. Let Our Attorneys Help.

Workers compensation insurance is an important benefit that allows injured workers to receive disability payments and help with their medical bills as they recover from a work-related accident. However, Floridas workers comp guidelines are strict, ensuring that only people who are truly injured receive help.

Our attorneys at Kaylor, Kaylor & Leto, P.A. have an extensive understanding of the states workers compensation guidelines. We are prepared to evaluate your case and determine whether or not you are eligible to receive insurance payments for your injuries.

Understanding Florida Workers’ Compensation Requirements

In Florida, certain guidelines must be met in order to fulfill the states workers compensation requirements. Before you apply for workers compensation, review these eligibility requirements:

  • Employers must be covered for workers compensation. In most industries, an employer is required to provide workers compensation if it has four or more employees on staff. For the construction business, this number is reduced to just one employee. If you run a farm or agricultural business, you are mandated to have insurance if you employ five regular employees and/or 12 seasonal employees who provide you with labor for more than 30 days.
  • You must be an employee. In order to receive workers compensation benefits, you must be an employee of the business where you were injured. Customers and other non-employees cannot receive insurance benefits from a company if they are injured on the premises. You can, however, file a civil suit if a negligent business or property owner causes you injury.
  • All injuries must be work-related. Your injuries must have happened while performing work-related tasks in order to receive any workers compensation payments. This usually does not include injuries that happen during your lunch break or while engaging in conduct that is not a part of your job description.

Which Types Of Injuries Are Not Covered In Florida?

While Floridas regulations are very flexible on what injuries are covered under workers compensation insurance, the following are not acceptable injuries for companies to cover:

  • Mental distress
  • Injuries purposely inflicted by employees in order to secure payments
  • Injuries suffered under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Pain and suffering claims

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