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Is Your Employer Retaliating Against You For Filing A Workers’ Comp Claim In Florida

Some employers try to pressure their employees into not reporting their injuries to keep workers’ compensation insurance costs low. When an employee does insist on reporting an injury, the employer may retaliate. If this has happened to you, your rights have been violated.

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You can rely on Kaylor, Kaylor & Leto, P.A., for knowledgeable workers’ comp representation. With over 35 years of experience, attorney Nora Leto is prepared to help you fight back against employer retaliation. She knows Florida law and will vigorously protect your rights.

What Is Employer Retaliation?

Employer retaliation can be obvious or subtle — but either way, your employment situation will suffer. You know you’re being treated differently ever since you filed your workers’ comp claim. It could be retaliation if:

  • Your employer calls you back into work before you’re physically ready.
  • You are assigned duties that exceed your doctor’s approval.
  • Your hours are suddenly cut, or you are given a less desirable shift.
  • Your employer suddenly fires you or restructures the company to eliminate your position.
  • You are transferred to a different job that pays less, is further from home or is otherwise less desirable.
  • Your performance evaluation suddenly drops for no well-defined reason.
  • Your employer purposefully makes it harder for you to do your job.
  • You become the subject of rumors spread by your employer.
  • You suddenly experience increased scrutiny and criticism of your work.

Never let the fear of retaliation stop you from filing a workers’ compensation claim when you are injured on the job. You are entitled to those benefits by law. If you let your employer intimidate you into not reporting the injury, you can lose those benefits forever.

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When you are already suffering from a workplace injury, you do not need the additional stress of employer retaliation. Fortunately, you do not have to endure retaliation in silence.

Our lawyer is experienced in Florida workers’ compensation claims and know how to aggressively defend your rights. Contact us online or call us in Lakeland at 863-968-7837.

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