Employment discrimination is an ongoing problem

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Having a job provides a person with a means of supporting him or herself as well as a feeling of accomplishment, and it usually contributes to one’s perception of value to society. Experiencing employment discrimination in any form in Florida may do untold damage to a person’s self-esteem. There are laws that protect a person from discrimination in the workplace.

A former employee of the Fort Myers City Police Department came forward with an employee discrimination case against a superior. The charges included multiple counts of discrimination, including charges of sexual and racial discrimination. In one instance, the woman claimed she had been subjected to uniform inspections, including one in which she was told to zip up her skirt in the presence of other officers.

The woman reported the incident concerning uniform inspection to the human relations department. The officer cited in the complaint confronted her about reporting the incident, which reportedly caused the woman to experience a panic attack. In addition, she was denied extended medical leave to deal with the distress caused by the alleged discrimination. Other employees offered to provide banked time to her, but the requests were denied in spite of the fact that sharing banked time off had been allowed to others in the past. The woman was relieved of her position while on medical leave.

Laws have been on the books for years that make employment discrimination illegal. In spite of this, it is an ongoing problem in many communities in Florida and around the country. A person who believes he or she has been subjected to discriminatory practices may wish to seek the council of a legal professional in order to determine what legal options may be available.

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