What are 4 common mistakes people make filing for SSDI?

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The Social Security Administration receives over two million Social Security Disability Insurance claims every year. The SSA rejects many of these claims because of mistakes made by applicants. 

It can take up to two years for the SSA to approve a claim. Steer clear of these four common mistakes when filing for SSDI benefits to avoid further delay. 

Applying for benefits too soon 

According to the SSA, you must be unable to work due to a condition that will last at least 12 months. If you apply too soon, it may be harder to prove that your disability is long-term or permanent. Only apply for benefits once you can be sure that your condition will affect you for more than a year. 

Filing a claim while working 

By filing for benefits, you are indicating that you cannot perform gainful employment because of your disability. Applying while you have a job is in direct opposition to your claim. It is unlikely that the SSA will approve in this circumstance. 

Not obtaining enough medical evidence 

You must have sufficient evidence to file a legitimate claim for SSDI. The burden of proof is on the applicant, not the SSA’s examiner. It is unlikely that the consultative exam will provide enough evidence to approve your claim. 

Neglecting prescribed treatments 

Make sure to follow any recommended treatments your doctor prescribes. The Social Security examiner will look at your treatment history with a critical eye. He or she wants to see how your condition responds to recommended treatments. If you do not follow your doctor’s advice, you risk a denied application. 

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