Statistics shed light on disability discrimination

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Looking at statistics on disability discrimination can provide you with a better understanding of how prevalent this problem is. Unfortunately, far too many hard-working people face unnecessary challenges as a result of disability discrimination. Whether your employer fails to provide reasonable accommodations or you experience relentless harassment that results in a hostile workplace environment, it is crucial to stand firmly for your rights.

Sadly, these violations continue to take place too often in companies across the U.S., and charge data reveals the scope of the problem.

Data on disability discrimination charges

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reports that during fiscal year 2021, they received over 22,800 disability discrimination charges. Moreover, this data does not count charges filed with local or state agencies. In fiscal year 2021, the EEOC reports more than 22,800 disability discrimination settlements and states that monetary benefits for disability discrimination exceeded $122 million.

The EEOC received more than 24,300 disability discrimination charges in fiscal year 2020, and over 28,000 during fiscal year 2016.

Taking action over disability discrimination

If you have dealt with disability discrimination, it is crucial to understand your rights and swiftly address the violations. You should not stay silent due to worries about possible retaliation. Sadly, some victims of discrimination wrongly assume that nobody will listen to their side of the story, and others do not even recognize unlawful mistreatment when it occurs.

Employers who fail to respect the rights of disabled workers need to answer. If you are a victim of any type of disability discrimination, you need to remain resolute and explore your options.

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