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  • Our Lakeland Disability Lawyers Discuss Residual Functional Capacity

    Tampa Social Security Disability AttorneysOur Lakeland Social Security attorneys can explain that their role is to show that you meet the definition of being disabled. For many applicants, this requires showing that you can no longer perform former, relevant work and that you would be unable to adapt to other jobs in the national economy based on their experience, education and age. In order to make this determination, the Social Security Administration assesses the residual functional capacity (RFC) of applicants.

    Residual Functional Capacity

    Our Lakeland Social Security attorneys can explain that a person’s RFC is a person’s maximum ability to work a full-time job, based on a typical 40-hour work week. It assesses how much an impairment and associated symptoms restrict an individual’s ability to complete work-related activities.

    Exertional Limitations

    Disability evaluators determine exertional limitations on a person’s ability to complete typical work activities, including the ability to push, pull, lift, carry, walk, stand and sit. There are three possible exertional limitations.

    Medium Work

    A claimant who has an RFC for medium work is able to lift up to 50 pounds and frequently lift up to 25 pounds. Additionally, he or she can stand or walk for about six hours during a typical work day.

    Light Work

    Our Lakeland Social Security attorneys can explain that claimants with an RFC of light work can lift up to 20 pounds and frequently lift up to 10 pounds. Additionally, he or she can stand or walk for as long as a person with an RFC for medium work. Light jobs may require a significant period of walking or standing.

    Sedentary Work

    A Lakeland disability lawyer can explain that an RFC of sedentary work means that the claimant can lift up to 10 pounds and may occasionally lift items of light weight. Sedentary jobs are usually characterized by those that do not require more than two hours of standing or walking in a typical work day. Many unskilled sedentary jobs require good use of a person’s hands and fingers.

    Legal Assistance from a Lakeland Disability Lawyer

    For more information on RFC, contact a Lakeland disability lawyer from Kaylor, Kaylor, and Leto, PA by calling (800) 900-7734.

  • Tampa Personal Injury Lawyer Discusses Tips If You Have Been Injured in an Accident

    Tampa Personal Injury AttorneyIf you have been injured in an accident, contact your Tampa personal injury lawyer immediately. Depending on the circumstances of the accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries or the damages that were sustained from the accident. It is nearly impossible to be prepared for an accident, they can happen at any time. From a legal standpoint, accidents can often be complex and challenging. A personal injury claim could include an injury sustained during many different types of accidents including slip and falls, automobile accidents, defective products, accidents at home, and many others. While there are few steps you can take to really prepare yourself for an accident, there are several steps that you can take after an accident has occurred to help to prepare if you plan on filing for an injury claim. The following information from your Tampa personal injury lawyer will go over those tips and how they will benefit your claim. If you find that you have further questions after reviewing the information, contact your personal injury attorney to schedule for your consultation.

    Seek Medical Attention Immediately

    If you have sustained any injuries in your accident, the first thing that you should do is to seek medical attention immediately. If you are unable to leave the scene of the accident, call for an ambulance. Addressing your medical issues needs to take priority over filing for a claim. Be advised, if you plan on filing a claim with the insurance company and did not see a medical professional for your injuries than your settlement amount could be vastly lower than if you had. It is your responsibility to seek treatment for any injuries and to ensure that your injuries will not get worse or cause you to miss work.

    File a Police Report

    By filing a police report you can guarantee that you will have an official report of your accident on record. This report will include the names and information of anyone else involved, and is able to be used in court.

    At the Scene

    Things can often be hectic and confusing at the scene of an accident, that is why it is important to remember to be aware of what you are saying and exercise discretion. Do not admit fault for the accident to anyone and do not offer any additional information. Be sure not to make any statements that may add confusion or make the scene more complicated.

    Keep Accurate Records

    Your personal injury attorney will advise you to keep accurate records of everything that has to do with your accident. That includes your insurance records, medical bills, medical records, and property damage statements. It is also recommended that you keep track of all the wages you have lost if your injury has caused you to not be able to work.

    Use Caution with Insurance Companies

    While the adjuster for the insurance agency may sound sympathetic, keep in mind that they are working for their own bottom line. Their main goal is to settle with you for as little as possible. It is recommended that you do not attempt to negotiate with the adjuster on your own, but rather allow an experienced personal injury attorney to do the negotiations for you.

    Signing Documents

    As with any legal document, you want to be sure that you fully understand what those documents mean before you sign them. Do not sign them without understanding how they will impact you in the future. You always have the option of having your attorney review the documents before you decide to sign them.

    Be Aware of Deadlines

    In many states there is something called the statute of limitations. That means that you only have a certain amount of time to file for a personal injury claim if you would like to do so. That time can vary depending on what state you are in and what type of accident. If you miss the statute of limitations for your claim, then you may not be eligible to file.

    Do Your Research

    It may be in your benefit to do some research into the local laws of your area regarding the type of accident that you were in. You can find out how long these types of cases can typically take to settle. Getting some basic knowledge on the process can help take some of the confusion away.

    Hire an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

    Hiring the right personal injury attorney for your case is important. You will want to find one that has the experience you need. There are some personal injury attorneys that specialize in certain fields, while others may handle the general area. Find one in your area that is suitable for your needs.

    Schedule a Consultation with a Tampa Personal Injury Lawyer

    While being in an accident can be a traumatic event, having an experienced Tampa personal injury lawyer fighting for your case can help to make it a less stressful one for you. As you know, having a Tampa personal injury attorney with experience is only going to be in your best interest. Call Kaylor, Kaylor, and Leto, PA today, the Tampa personal injury attorney with over 30 years experience in the personal injury field. Kaylor, Kaylor, and Leto, PA knows the Tampa personal injury lawyer that has the skills and dedication to help you fight for the best possible outcome in your personal injury case. Call them today at (800) 900-7734 to schedule for your consultation!

  • Our Lakeland Social Security Lawyer Discusses Medical Evidence

    Lakeland Social Security LawyerIf you have been injured and are no longer able to work, a Lakeland Social Security lawyer may be able to provide you with the help you need to get benefits. Your symptoms and medical evidence are the most crucial part of evaluating your claim.

    Medical Evidence

    Symptoms may not be easy to measure, but they can be observed through the effects they have on your daily activities. Pain may lead to reduced motion, loss of movement and sensory deficits that make it difficult to perform your job. Findings in your medical records are used to determine the credibility of your claims about pain and disability. It is important to have your symptoms recorded by your healthcare team. Your record should mention the onset and nature of your symptoms as well as the things that make them worse. Including such information provides a more inclusive look at your disabling condition and helps a disability hearing judge understand your limitations. Your medical record should also cover your treatment over time and describe the various successes and failures you have experienced in seeking relief. Indications of other impairments, such as associated mental health issues, are also important to include. Our Lakeland Social Security attorneys may help you present your records in an effective manner.

    Treatment History

    Presenting your treatment history in a clear and detailed way is essential when it comes to demonstrating that you have attempted to seek treatment for your condition. A medical record that shows persistent attempts to make progress through different treatments, seeking out the assistance of specialists and switching treatment plans when one is ineffective demonstrates a consistent history of distressing symptoms. Each of these actions supports a narrative of someone who is distressed by physical symptoms and constantly seeking relief through a variety of medical options and demonstrates that you have genuinely made an effort to resume normal functioning. If your treatment history is sporadic, a judge is less likely to take your claim of disabling pain or other symptoms seriously.

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  • Our Lakeland Social Security Attorneys Discuss the Rules for Disability

    Lakeland Social Security AttorneysWhen you are trying to get approved for Social Security disability benefits, the Lakeland social security attorneys at Kaylor, Kaylor, and Leto, PA will explain how the Social Security Administration determines whether or not they believe you are disabled. The agency follows rules for determining disability, and the rules vary depending on your age at the time you apply. It is also important for you to note that the rules fit most closely with claims based upon physical conditions, and mental health conditions require a more complex assessment. If your condition is a physical one, your Lakeland disability lawyers will work with you to gather the evidence you need to meet your burden of proof for your age group.

    Various Applicant Ages and the Different Rules

    The Social Security Administration treats disability applications differently according to the age of the person at the time they apply. If you are under age 50, you will face the toughest burden of proof at your hearing. You will be required to prove that your condition is so limiting that you are unable to perform even the easiest work, such as a sit-down job. It is not considered relevant whether such a job is even available to you. If you are between the ages of 50 and 54, your burden will not be quite as difficult as the one for those under the age of 50. To meet your burden to show that you are disabled, you will be required to prove that you are unable to perform work that is considered light. The Social Security Administration defines light work as a job that requires you to be on your feet for extended periods of time and to lift up to 20 pounds repetitiously. If you show that you are unable to perform light work, you may be found to be disabled even though you could do the work associated with a sit-down job. If you are 55 or older at the time you apply, you will have the easiest burden of all. For this age group, the requirement is to prove that you are unable to complete work of medium intensity. The Social Security Administration defines medium work as a job that requires you to be on your feet for much of the day and to lift between 20 and 50 pounds repeatedly. No matter what age group you are in, your Lakeland disability lawyers will work to gather the documentation, reports and evidence you will need to meet your burden at your hearing.

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