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What is a protected class?

Many people who are employed in Florida are aware that there are federal laws in place designed to ensure that they do not experience harassment or discrimination at work. However, not everyone may know exactly what groups or people are protected by these laws and how they work. You should know that essentially every person is offered some type of protection per the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Getting the facts on being slighted at work

Florida employees have the right to work in an environment without experiencing behavior that feels threatening or offensive. However, it is not always clear where the line is drawn between an outright hostile work environment and the occasional lapse in courtesy, which is basically just a petty slight. Some behavior, though rude and unwelcome, might not be considered a form of workplace harassment. 

What is affirmative action?

People in Lakeland often associate affirmative action with workplace discrimination, and rightfully so. Affirmative action policies are aimed at preventing discrimination based on race, sex or national origin. What is misunderstood about affirmative action is that many believe it to be a law. While in some contexts, it may appear to be, affirmative action is more of an ideology that drives policy. 

Do you work in a hostile work environment?

It seems as though every workplace has at least one or two troublemakers who make things unpleasant for others. But if things have gotten to the point that you dread going to your Florida job each day, it is possible that you work in a hostile work environment.

Workplace discrimination and the ADA

Discrimination in the workplace in Florida can come in many forms, direct and indirect. The Americans with Disabilities Act is a civil rights law prohibiting bias based on actual or perceived disabilities. There are 18 personal characteristics protected by this law. According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, discrimination is the unequal treatment or harassment that causes harm to an applicant or employee because of a disability.

What rights do you have as a pregnant woman in the workplace?

If you are a pregnant female employee in Florida and your employer has a workforce of 15 or more people, you have certain rights related to your pregnancy status when it comes to your work environment. Because your employer meets certain size guidelines, it must comply with the tenets of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act and Title I of the Americans With Disabilities Act, which set guidelines as to how to treat and handle working women with pregnancy-related conditions.

What is a protected class?

A protected class is a group of people identified by a certain characteristic. If you are a member of a given group and share that characteristic, it would typically be something that is essential to your personality, biology or way of life. Florida's diverse population contains many people who face employment discrimination based on their membership in protected classes. 

Understanding your personal rights in the workplace

At Kaylor, Kaylor & Leto, P.A., many of our clients come to us with a significant amount of skepticism about their chances of success in regards to their employment discrimination claims. We understand this feeling: It might seem close to impossible for an individual to stand up to a large Florida company and win.

Finding healthy and effective ways to cope with discrimination

Employment is a central part of the lives of many people in Florida who rely on their talents, competencies and strengths to earn a wage and make a living. As such, it is expected that the workplace be a safe and productive environment, conducive to creativity, efficiency and progress. However, many people face discrimination whether it is related to their upbringing, race, religion and even political affiliation. 

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