What type of injury benefits are available in Florida?

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There are two common ways you might receive funds through workers compensation in Florida. One is by recouping medical costs you incur while recovering from your injury. The other is compensation for any impairment or disability resulting from the injury.

Your medical bills are probably one of your first priorities when you become injured. Although it is important to seek medical attention immediately, you should also keep a level head and maintain a good record of any treatment you receive. Any and all paperwork associated with your injury could become important down the road.

Insurance companies and employers, even if they have no malicious intent, could easily misplace files to your detriment. Simply collecting all of your receipts and reports in one place is often enough: Your employer’s insurance should typically handle all of your medical bills automatically with a minimum requirement for paperwork on your part.

A slightly more complicated type of benefit is your disability or impairment compensation. The processes are still rather simple in the state of Florida. A FindLaw article goes into detail on disability compensation. In essence, how much you earn at your job determines the amount you gain from this category, up to the maximum allowed in the state.

Unfortunately, it would not be without precedent for your employer to miscalculate the compensation benefits due to you. The rules are often confusing, especially to those who are not used to handling these types of claims. There is recourse under the law to receive your back benefits, but you would have to act within the statute of limitations to do so. This is not intended as legal advice on any specific situation, so please regard it only as general information.

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