Understanding your personal rights in the workplace

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At Kaylor, Kaylor & Leto, P.A., many of our clients come to us with a significant amount of skepticism about their chances of success in regards to their employment discrimination claims. We understand this feeling: It might seem close to impossible for an individual to stand up to a large Florida company and win.

What our clients do not often realize at first is that even though we provide personal consultations with an individual attorney, we also have a team of lawyers— in addition to an extended network of investigative and analytical professionals— working behind the scenes on each of our cases. This teamwork allows us to tackle even the most complicated workplace discrimination cases with efficiency and great attention to detail. 

We make it our goal to surpass our adversary in terms of knowledge, understanding of the legal system and organization of our cases. Working from these principles, we represent our clients effectively through the many potential stages of a workplace dispute, from initial negotiations all the way through to the resolution of a trial. 

We completely understand the mix of emotions that goes along with a claim of workplace discrimination. If you were to be the target of such a violation of your basic rights, you might feel betrayed, angry at the injustice or even fearful of your employer— perhaps that there would be some sort of retribution for an action you take to counteract or to claim damages for the discrimination.

However, inaction also has the potential to carry consequences. We see it as part of our job to educate our clients in the potential outcomes of any action they intend to take. We find that when our clients know what might happen next, they are much more likely to take positive action towards improving their professional future. Please continue reading on our main site for more.

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