Can I get disability benefits for an addiction?

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Addiction is something that many people struggle with. Whether the addiction is to drugs or alcohol, it can affect every aspect of your life. Above all, though, it often prevents you from working or finding a job in Florida due to its debilitating effects on your health. Typically, if someone is disabled and unable to work, he or she can apply for Social Security Disability benefits. This may lead you to wonder if you can get benefits due to an addiction.

The short answer, according to the Social Security Administration, is that you cannot get benefits solely due to an addiction. SSA looks to see if your addiction is the cause of your disability. If it finds your addiction is the main reason you are disabled and that if you would end your substance use, you would no longer be disabled, then it considers your addiction a contributing factor, which means it is not a qualified disability. You must have a qualifying disability to get disability benefits from the SSA, so if your disability is disqualified, you cannot get benefits.

If you do have an addiction, but you also have a qualifying disability and stopping your substance use would still not help you to be able to work, then you can get benefits. However, you would not get them for the substance abuse. You would get them for the disability.

You must prove your substance abuse is not your only disability or a contributing factor through proper medical evidence. This information is for education and is not legal advice.

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