What are the effects of employment discrimination on businesses?

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As an employee, you may already know that employment discrimination and harassment are not permitted in Florida workplaces. To prevent these situations from occurring, your workplace may have harassment awareness programs and reporting protocols in place. Until you witness or experience discrimination or harassment on the job, you might not realize just how badly such an event could impact your workplace.

As you may already be aware, discrimination and harassment on the job are more than just a liability issue for your employer. These behaviors hurt people. According to the Houston Chronicle, when workplace bullying, disability or racial discrimination, sexual harassment and other harmful behaviors occur, the following results are common:

  • Employees become less satisfied with their jobs and not as motivated to work as a team.
  • The staff’s loyalty and commitment to the workplace can plummet.
  • Employees who are targeted by discrimination and harassment can suffer from depression and anxiety, or might even retaliate.
  • A harassment or discrimination claim can negatively impact the reputation of a business and affect future hiring.
  • Businesses that fail to acknowledge and address claims may be subject to legal action.

Most business owners are aware of the potential consequences of harassment and discrimination for legal and morale reasons, and many will take steps to prevent their employees and their business interests from being harmed by such behavior on the job. However, not all employers are prompt or effective in dealing with this behavior. Therefore, the information in this blog is not meant to replace the advice of a lawyer.

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