Do companies hire younger people on purpose?

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With the job market heating up in Florida over the past few years, you may have considered applying for some new opportunities. Perhaps you even acted on the impulse. 

If you got the job, congratulations. If you did not, your limited success may not be your fault. It could have nothing to do with any quantity or quality of openings available in your field. You could be facing age discrimination.

There are many ways that employers attempt to net younger applicants for jobs, especially at the entry level. However, without a direct statement regarding age, it could be difficult for you to prove that a company is rejecting you based on your membership in a protected class. Even in the face of this, you could have a chance for justice under the law. Forbes magazine shares a couple of possible age discrimination case foundations:

  • Employers who pass you over in favor of a younger, less qualified candidate
  • Companies who reject older applicants during recruitment campaigns at youth organizations

The Forbes article also mentions that age discrimination is even more likely to happen to women. Regardless of the details, there is no reason that you should stand by and tolerate repeated violations of your employment rights.

Age discrimination may also be at play at the end of your career. For example, if you felt as though your employer were pressuring you to leave your position in order to hire a younger candidate, that could be a questionable act under employment law. You would likely want to think back on your conversations and analyze any communications you had regarding the matter carefully. Of course, every situation is different, and this should not be taken as legal advice. It is only background information on the subject.

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