Safety should be everyone’s priority

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It is more than negligent when an employer in Florida creates an unsafe working atmosphere; it is also a burden on the public. At Kaylor, Kaylor & Leto, P.A., we believe that job site safety is one of the most important elements of public health in the state.

Most of our clients work hard for the majority of their life. They rely on site managers, business owners and various other stakeholders to make sure that every employee spends these hours in an environment free from unnecessary hazards and risks.

Unfortunately, some of our clients’ jobs are dangerous. It is not always possible to reduce every occupational risk. When accidents happen, it is often the employer’s responsibility to provide rehabilitation and disability assistance.

The problem is that some business owners do not see things the same way as legislators and the voting public. They might not be familiar with the way the system works, or they may simply believe that they have an opportunity to avoid their responsibilities. Whatever the reason, these negligent attitudes have the potential to create a dangerous situation for workers everywhere, and we are proud to stand up for the rights that the system preserves.

When we reach a settlement or secure a favorable court decision on behalf of an injured worker, we get more than the satisfaction of helping one person secure necessary assistance to recuperate from a devastating trauma. We also feel that we contribute in some way to the upholding of a just and equitable system: a system that represents individual interests in the face of the resources and power of corporate entities.

Big companies do not intimidate us because we know that, more often than not, the law is on our side — and on the side of our clients. To learn more, please visit our main website.

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