Age discrimination affects young people too

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At Kaylor, Kaylor & Leto, P.A., we understand that age discrimination cases in Florida usually focus on workers over 50. However, the truth is that the younger workforce faces discrimination, too. Many college graduates can share stories of applying for work after school and being met with job descriptions demanding 15 years of experience. Some also share stories of being hired, but then being denied promotions because management did not think an older workforce would respect them as a leader.

In fact, one Forbes article proposes that the negative portrayals of millennials as entitled, self-serving and finicky is to blame. This translates into employers being reluctant to hire workers under 30, citing unpredictability and lack of work experience. Some people may already note that the irony in this is that there are many millennials over 30. In fact, the oldest are now roughly 38 years old. However, the perceived age of millennials seems to be frozen in time when it comes to the media and the workplace.

Forbes also mentioned a study published in the Human Resource Management Journal which reported that age discrimination in the workplace happens as often for being “too old” as for being “too young.” However, the situation is even worse for millennials, because unlike their older colleagues over 40, they cannot sue for age discrimination. In short, they are once again “too young.”

When facing employment discrimination in the workplace, it is important to understand the legal parameters providing rights and restricting your opportunities for legal recourse. For more information about what forms of discrimination are eligible for legal action, take a look at our webpage.

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