SSD benefits: the first step

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People change their disability status every day in Florida. A qualifying condition could be the result of an injury, a degenerative illness or any number of combinations of factors. However, having a disability does not automatically qualify someone for benefits. People must successfully apply before they start receiving assistance.

The first step is the initial application. A preliminary measure most people take is to gather required medical information and official forms. Many also seek advice about the application process and its various stages.

Perhaps the most important element of a social security application is whether the condition qualifies for disability. Certain medical problems may not be in the list for supplementary income or insurance, but proof of impairment might secure assistance regardless. FindLaw provides a number of examples of approved conditions that may qualify immediately for benefits:

  • Depression
  • Asthma
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Back conditions

The Social Security website states that the first step in application processing is technical. This means that someone’s request could potentially fail without any medical analysis on the part of the SSA. Therefore, while an obstacle at the earliest stages of an application may seem like a bad sign, it could mean that a simple technical error prevented success.

The social security resource above is a data set. It describes the wait times, on average, for the various processing centers. In order to minimize the time between filling an application and securing benefits, it is often important to take all measures to succeed in the first attempt.

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