3 unique stages when you might notice discrimination

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You deserve a discrimination-free workplace. At Kaylor, Kaylor and Leto, P.A., it is our job to do everything we can to make that happen. Even if you think it is too late to get justice, you may want discover your options under Florida law. This illegal workplace action could occur at any time, so make sure you know your rights.

There are three times that you may discover discrimination against you. These are before hiring, during your tenure at your job and after you leave. Read on to get a brief look at the possible legal implications of discovering discrimination that each of these stages.

An employer may make illegal decisions based on your inclusion in a protected class during the hiring process. These cases may be difficult for you to pursue some strong evidence might help.

The reason this stage poses a challenge is that the hiring process is generally quite short — you may not be able to establish a pattern of discrimination within your communications with the potential employer. However, even in the absence of an egregious example of discriminatory hiring, investigations could uncover widespread violations by the same company. This pattern could support your claim.

The second time you might discover an incident of actionable discrimination is during your employment. You may be consistently passed over for promotions, you may get fewer benefits than other employees or you may even have written or recorded evidence of discriminatory speech.

Finally, you may discover there was discrimination that affected if your termination. This is an unfortunately common occurrence and it could be the basis for a legal claim.

As defenders of workers’ rights, we have seen many forms of discrimination throughout the employment cycle. Please continue reading the resources available on our main website.

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