What is carpal tunnel syndrome?

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Floridian workers like you may not realize that the workplace can be dangerous regardless of what your job actually is. Kaylor, Kaylor & Leto, are here today to examine one of the most common types of injury that can happen to just about anyone: carpal tunnel syndrome.

When people think of workplace injuries, they often think of catastrophic accidents. However, most average workers tend to suffer from more “mundane” issues that build up over a long period of time. These are typically known as repetitive stress injuries, and they can happen to anyone who performs the same tasks day in and out. This includes people who work construction or in dangerous plants. It also affects office workers, who often spend their days typing or answering phone calls.

People who make frequent use of their wrists and hands are at a particularly high risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome. This syndrome can cause inflammation in the wrist, which can damage your ability to use your hands. This can be incredibly threatening to your ability to care and provide for yourself, considering most people use their hands quite a lot for any job they do. Damage can even become so severe that it requires medical or even surgical intervention.

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