What should I be careful of when working in an office?

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A great deal of attention is focused on dangerous industries when the topic of workers’ compensation comes up. You can be hit by a cement truck in construction or crushed by heavy machinery working in manufacturing. However, industries known to be dangerous are not the only ones in which Florida workers are injured. You can sustain a job-related illness or injury in any workplace setting.

The office seems like a nice, harmless place to work. On the contrary, the Albert Einstein College of Medicine states that those who work in offices are up to 2.5 times more apt to be disabled in a fall than people who work in other industries. There are numerous ways you can be in a workplace accident at the office, in fact. The following situations outline other common office accidents:

  • Falling off a chair while climbing it instead of a ladder
  • Tripping over electrical cords or supplies left in walkways
  • Getting hit on the head by a heavy object falling out of a cabinet
  • Being injured by office machinery
  • Suffering from eye strain or repetitive motion injuries
  • Being exposed to harmful chemicals from cleaning or pest control supplies

You can also sustain a work-related illness from your office job. It is not uncommon for colds and flus to spread through the office, which may especially put you at risk if you are immune-compromised.

You may take precautions to protect yourself and others on the job, such as removing objects you can trip on and using ergonomically correct equipment. However, you should be eligible for workers’ compensation after a workplace injury. This information is not intended as legal advice.

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