Workers’ compensation can assist families of injured workers

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It is no secret that traffic congestion in Orlando is a serious issue. A major highway project on Florida I-4 has been underway for the past few years. Working on such a project, indeed any construction project, is not without risk. It is hoped that adequate safety measures are in place and enforced to protect the workers on the job. When an accident happens, workers’ compensation can provide assistance to the affected family.

The I-4 project has not been without its share of accidents. In the most recent one, one person was killed and another seriously injured when a concrete beam fell off a piece of equipment. The beam pinned one worker and struck another in the head. The man who was pinned later died as a result of his injuries.

Some work on the project was suspended for a time while representatives from the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) investigated the cause of the accident. Work is scheduled to resume with additional safety precautions, such as additional beam restraints, in place. The accident marked the fifth fatality since the beginning of the project. There may be additional monitoring and safety procedures put in place going forward. The cause of this accident remains under investigation.

Construction workers know that their job involves risk. They have a right to expect that adequate safety measures are put in place and enforced to help protect their lives. When a worker loses his or her life in Florida in a construction accident, a family can be left with concerns for their future. A family in such a position may wish to consult with a professional experienced in workers’ compensation law to ascertain what legal options may be available to them.

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