Social Security Disability as a veteran’s benefit

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Veteran’s Day has recently passed, and Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching. There is an available benefit that relates to veterans that might inspire some gratitude this holiday season. It relates to Social Security Disability and veterans. Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is not typically thought of as a veteran’s benefit, but the reality is that it is available to military members in Florida who suffer debilitating injuries.

Disabled veterans, almost 600,000 of them, receive benefits from SSDI. If a member of the military dies in a military action, SSDI can provide survivor benefits to the deceased veteran’s family. In fact, veterans and their families comprise about 30% of all Social Security beneficiaries.

In one instance, a young Army sergeant was injured in the line of duty and was permanently paralyzed as a result of a spinal cord injury. Unable to continue serving, he retired from the military. He was almost homeless and suffering from complications from spinal surgery related to his injury. He was able to obtain SSDI benefits and put his life back together. He is now working for a veteran’s organization and is no longer taking SSDI.

Social Security Disability exists to assist people, veterans or not, who become disabled. Benefits are also available for people born with severe disabilities. A person in Florida who is suffering from a debilitating injury or illness and is not currently receiving SSDI benefits may wish to seek the counsel of an attorney familiar with the laws regarding Social Security Disability benefits. The benefits can provide a lifeline to someone who might not have another option.

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