The term “ok, boomer” may contribute to employment discrimination

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The generation known as the baby boomer generation is working longer into their later years than prior generations who typically retired around the accepted age of 65. Millennials have coined a term that is sometimes used when one disagrees with something an older person says or to dismiss an argument being presented by an older person. The term is “Ok, boomer.” In some instances, it’s being looked at as possible age discrimination, which is a form of employment discrimination in Florida.

The term is frequently seen in social media in memes or other social media commentary. It is also surfacing as a derogatory comment in the workplace and is considered by some to be harassment. Anything that is perceived as being discriminatory against older workers has ramifications because of the increase in age discrimination issues in the workplace. Older workers are at risk of being discriminated against for promotion and can be easy targets for layoffs.

Age discrimination is frequently determined in part by the context that led to the alleged discriminatory act. If a person has been singled out for being slow, out of touch or like a dinosaur, these put-downs, if repeated over time, can amount to age-related harassment. Age discrimination protections in the workplace apply to employees 40 years old and older.

Older workers are prone to employment discrimination for many reasons. As workers age, they tend to rise in rank and achieve higher salaries and benefits. They, therefore, become more expensive than their younger counterparts and can be seen as a drain on a company’s balance sheet. This increases the motivation to get rid of them and save the company money. A person in Florida who is concerned that he or she may be a victim of age discrimination should consult with a legal professional who can advise the client regarding what legal options may be available.

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