Working in retirement can effect Social Security disability

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Many older people in Florida work one or two jobs to help supplement Social Security and other retirement income. In some instances, they may also receive Social Security disability benefits. It is important to be aware of what impact working an outside job may have on those benefits.

If a person is receiving disability payments from a pension or other private source, this may not have an impact on Social Security disability benefits. But if a person is receiving state workers’ compensation or payments from another public source, it may reduce the amount a person receives from Social Security. Workers’ compensation benefits are typically paid as a result of an injury or illness caused on or by a person’s job.

Other sources of disability payments include the Department of Veterans Affairs, state and local governments and  Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Receiving benefits from these sources may have no impact on Social Security disability payments. Unexpected changes in benefits may have consequences that one is not expecting.

Work provides a person with dignity and contributes to one’s mental health and well-being in Florida. Monitoring allowed amounts of income when a person is receiving Social Security disability may present a challenge. There is much information to be sorted through and maintaining the accuracy of the information is important. Consulting with an attorney who is experienced in the laws regarding Social Security disability can provide peace of mind. An experienced professional can review all  retirement income to help ensure that one’s earnings are within the Social Security guidelines.

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