Terminal cancer diagnoses and Social Security disability

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Few things in life are as devastating as being struck with a life-threatening disease. Of these, cancer remains one of the most serious and debilitating illnesses. A cancer diagnosis can result in an inability to continue to work. In Florida and across the country, Social Security disability exists to help in such circumstances, but there is typically a five-month waiting period before benefits are paid.

A man in another state was diagnosed with glioblastoma, the same aggressive brain cancer that killed John McCain. The man, along with his wife, was a real estate broker. The man applied for Social Security Disability and was told about the waiting period. Though the couple has other insurance, they are concerned about the costs that the insurance will not pay, such as co-pays and deductibles which can add up quickly.

People facing the costs of a terminal illness can face what is called the “domino effect.” Particularly for independent contractors, including real estate brokers, if they can’t work they don’t get paid. Savings can quickly be exhausted and then one may be faced with a choice of paying a mortgage or paying for food and medicine. There is legislation pending in Congress that would waive the waiting period for terminally ill patients.

Receiving the death sentence of a brain tumor can be a devastating blow to a family. Facing loss of income is something that Social Security Disability Insurance was designed to help prevent. A person in Florida who is facing the challenge of a debilitating illness may wish to seek assistance obtaining benefits. A knowledgeable attorney can help explain the legal options available and advise the client on which path to pursue.

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