More construction projects means need for workers’ compensation

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The economy in Florida and around the country is doing well, and this has led to an increase in construction projects. As the number of properties under construction have increased so has the number of construction related accidents, some of which have been fatal. Fortunately, workers’ compensation insurance is available to help those injured or the families of those who died on the job.

In a recent incident, a form that had been put into place on the 13th floor fell onto a worker below. The form was in place for cement to be poured for a concrete wall. At the time, there were significant wind gusts in the area that measured as high as 33 miles per hour. It is believed that this may have contributed to the accident. The condition of the injured worker is not known, but he was said to be in stable condition by the paramedics who transported him to the hospital.

Construction accidents in Florida have increased significantly in recent years. The number of fatal accidents reported by the Department of Labor in 2014 was 63, and that had increased to 101 in 2018, the most recent year for which numbers are available. The accidents involved slips and falls, transportation accidents, toxic exposure and fires, to name a few.

Construction work by its very nature involves some risk. Even when appropriate safety measures are in place and the requisite safety training has been provided, accidents can still happen in Florida. A person who has experienced an injury or lost a loved one in an accident may wish to consult with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. A knowledgeable lawyer can review the facts of the situation and advise the client as to what legal options may be available.

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