Proposed change a challenge for one on Social Security disability

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A new year frequently means changes to existing laws. In 2020 there is a proposed change to the Social Security Disability Insurance requirements that could have a profound impact on a large number of people in Florida and around the country. The change concerns the requirements needed to be followed to maintain Social Security disability coverage.

Having a special needs child can be a tremendous strain on a family and the struggle to achieve independence for a special needs adult can be a constant one. A woman in another state has a 10-year-old son and 19-year-old daughter, both of whom have special needs. Her daughter is hard of hearing and has autism. When she turned 18 the woman wanted her to be able to attain some degree of independence and Social Security disability provided that.

The proposed change to the program would change the means used to keep benefits once they are awarded. The changes would cause some people who are considered unlikely to improve medically to be reclassified to likely improvement. This would change the requirement for lengthy and complex document reviews from every five to seven years to every two years. For a family who faces a constant struggle with doctor’s appointments, medications and transportation the added paperwork could pose a significant hardship.

A person in Florida who has a special needs child or adult who is receiving Social Security disability, or who may be a candidate, may wish to seek the counsel of an attorney experienced in dealing with the issue. A knowledgeable lawyer who is familiar with the regulations can review a person’s situation and advise one as to what options might be available. No one should have to deal with such hardship alone.

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