Most workers have witnessed employment discrimination

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Employers might want to convince workers that discrimination is a thing of the past, but most people have witnessed or experienced the exact opposite. In fact, employment discrimination is still thriving in the American workforce. Even divorce workplaces in Florida are not immune to this.

According to a 2019 survey from Glassdoor, more than 75% of American workers think they are part of a diverse workforce. But diversity does not matter all that much when people are still not treated equally. That same survey found that 60% of workers have either witnessed or experienced age, gender, race or LGBTQ identity discrimination in the workplace. This is despite the fact that since 2018, U.S. companies have increased the number of positions for inclusion and diversity by 30%.

Different age groups report different rates of discrimination, too. Workers over the age of 55 have a different expectation than younger workers and are less likely to report seeing or experiencing discrimination. This is not necessarily because it is happening less frequently to this generation of workers, but because many are more hesitant to make reports. Among younger workers willing to make reports, the majority of LGBTQ discrimination complaints are made by men.

Younger workers in Florida who continue to report instances of employment discrimination are helping improve working conditions for everyone. Victims who hold discriminatory employers accountable for their actions are also doing the same. This is because an individual is not only seeking compensation while pursuing a workplace discrimination, he or she also effects change for others.

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