Will I get my job back after an injury?

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An on-the-job injury can disrupt your whole life. Not only does it often pose financial issues but also it can mean some problems when you go to return to work. You can make a workers’ compensation claim, which will help with the expenses of your injury and treatment. It may also replace some of the wages that you lose. However, workers’ compensation does not guarantee you will get your job back after time off.

According to Florida’s Chief Financial Officer, your employer has no legal requirement to keep your specific job and position open for you while you are off recuperating from an injury. This is true even if you are under a doctor’s orders to not return to work. However, this does not mean that your employer can fire you or otherwise let you go from employment.

Must provide work

While your employer does not have to let you return to the exact same position you held prior to your accident, it does have to provide you with a job when you come back. The law says your employer must reemploy you.


If you can go back to work but you cannot do the job you did previously, either because it is no longer available or you physically cannot do it, then you can get training through workers’ compensation. The system offers reemployment services where you can learn new skills and get assistance in finding a new job if you want. These are free to you and can help you to return to work after an accident puts you out of commission.

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