Workers’ compensation: what is the deadline to report an injury?

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If you have been injured on the job in Florida, you may be entitled to get workers’ compensation if your injury is preventing you from going back to work. In some cases, the nature of the job can exacerbate a preexisting condition or disability, worsening it to the point where you are no longer able to work. 

In either case, it is ultimately up to your employers’ workers’ compensation insurance agency to determine whether to accept or deny your claim. The Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation notes that if you do not file a claim within the deadline set by the state, your claim may be denied. 

Is it your responsibility or your employers’ responsibility to report an injury?

Your employer is only required to have the information for their workers’ compensation insurance carrier posted in their workplace. If they do not, you can contact the Employee Assistance and Ombudsman Office to get the information. 

Your employer may or may not choose to report your injury to their workers’ compensation insurance carrier. If they do not report it, you must contact the insurance carrier yourself. 

The deadline for reporting an injury

You may need to go to a doctor to find out if your injury is related to work. If your doctor can confirm this, then you must file your claim within 30 days of your diagnosis. 

The more common scenario is that an accident occurs on the job that directly leads to a disabling injury. In this instance, you must file your claim within 30 days of the accident occurring. 

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