What does workers’ compensation cover?

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Going to work every day should not cause you pain or harm. Yet, here you are, finding yourself dealing with an injury suffered at work.

After your initial treatment, you wonder if your employer’s insurance will cover the expenses. Get a basic understanding of what may qualify under the workers’ compensation laws in Florida.

Did your injury occur on the clock?

One of the biggest tests of whether an injury falls under your employer’s workers’ compensation policy is the incident’s timing. Did it happen on the clock? It may seem simple enough to answer, and in some cases, it is clear.

However, in some cases, what you believe qualifies may not. For example, if you go out to lunch, get into a car accident, the injuries do not fall under workers’ compensation coverage. Any incident that occurs while traveling to and from work typically will not fall to your employer to cover. The exception is if your boss requests that you run an errand or go somewhere on his or her behalf.

Did a doctor verify your injury?

To kickstart the workers’ compensation process, you need a doctor’s report. Even if your boss was watching when the injury happened, the application to the insurance carrier requires a doctor’s examination of you. When you go to a provider of your choosing, inform the office that the injury occurred on the job. This will help in the doctor’s exam and report.

Any injury you suffer may set you back. If your injury qualifies for workers’ compensation coverage, the benefits may help put you on the road to recovery.

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