Employers shoulder the cost of workers’ compensation

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Workers’ compensation is an expense to your employer. Many times, employers will pass costs through to employees for expenses that it has in an attempt to save money. When it comes to workers’ compensation, though, this is one case when that is illegal.

At Kaylor, Kaylor & Leto, P.A., we want to ensure you understand all your rights under the workers’ compensation program, including not paying your employers costs. Workers’ compensation is an insurance policy that your employer must carry under the law. The whole point of this insurance is to protect your employer from lawsuits and to ensure you get quick benefits for work injuries. It is a responsibility of your employer, which is something you should not have to pay for.

The law

Florida law specifically states that employers cannot make their employees pay for their workers’ compensation coverage. The Florida Statutes state that it is insurance fraud for an employer to deduct money from your wages to pay for its insurance coverage.

Additional limits

Furthermore, your employer cannot make you pay for any such program or fund that will pay for injury claims. This helps to prevent employers from creating benefit funds that they then use to pay for workers’ compensation claims or premiums. So, no matter how your employer may try to dress up the reduction, it is not legal for your employer to take money from you to pay for something the law requires it to maintain or have, such as workers’ compensation.

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